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Date: 07/11/2010 05:59:56
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the SF it's the most complicated spot.. If you want train a small forward send me a BB-Mail with the skill of the player because is too complicated post a guide :)

I would like to try to make a guide about SF... I hope you'll not take offense. :)

First of all there are three kind of SF: perimetral, insider and balanced ones. This distinction is based on its offensive abilities.
Before we start a little precisation about height and starting skills is needed. To choose players to train as SF I think the most important thing is starting levels of skills that are primary for the kind of SF that you would like to train.
After that you should consider his height, I think beetwen 190cm and 201cm is a good height but it depends on what kind of SF you are gonna train,

Now, it's time to explain each kind of SF.


SKILLS: (in order of its importance)
- primary: JS, OD, ID, JR.
- secondary: DR, RB, PASS, IS.

HEIGHT: min 190cm - max 196-198cm.


SKILLS: (in order of its importance)
- primary: JS, OD, ID, IS.
- secondary: DR, RB, JR, PASS.

HEIGHT: min 198cm - max 203cm.


SKILLS: (in order of its importance)
- primary: JS/IS, OD/ID.
- secondary: DR/RB/JR, PASS.
("/" means that skills are at the same level, e.g.: JS/IS 12, OD/ID 11, DR/RB/JR 9, PASS 8)

HEIGHT: min 193cm - max 198cm

IMPORTANT: primary skills should be higher than secondary, if secondary skills are higher than primary it would be only useless, so train primary skills first! ;)
And last but not the least, short players are too difficult to train in inside skills, at the opposite tall ones are slower in outsider skills, so I advise to train slower trainings when a player is young because he pop ups faster. ;)

That's all... I think! :P

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Date: 07/11/2010 06:03:32
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Good Job

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