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Date: 01/12/2011 04:41:20
ASD basket Supino
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Hello Indonesia.
I'm Jordan ,the coach of last 2 season of Indonesia.
I decide to run again to become coach of NT .
I believe that last 2 season was in some things positive and in some things negative.
The positive things are that we have a nice database with a lot of players that are follow by the scouts,we have big results in consolation tournament because we arrived among the top 32, we have improved the roster,we gain a lot of positions in world rankings.

There are also negative thing: I don't like my results in Asian Cup because we can do better,we still have some problems with the outside guys. The other thing is that miss comunication between me and the community but I know that's my fault.In the last 2 months I was very busy so the only thing I can do was to do the best formation I can do but I didn't have time to communicate with you.

But now I have more time for BB.
I want to try to improve more this NT with your collaboration

So if you still believe me you could vote me.