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From: Tutori
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Date: 11/09/2011 23:05:39
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Yeah, I agree that potential is horribly overrated. The big men I'm training now are all perennial allstar, though I am planning on picking up someone higher potential next season to try and ride to the NBBA. It'll be interesting to see if that works or not. If it doesn't, I'm probably going to have to tear everything down and build it up from scratch again. I'll probably follow your route in that case, build up several million in the bank, then work on promoting, using the war chest to make sure that if I don't promote I can afford the salaries of my trainees.

Actually, if you're just starting a new batch of trainees right now, and are training for cash, you might want to look at SF training. Out of position training doesn't matter if you don't care about winning too much, and you could do it pretty easily along side your guards for a couple seasons too. While guards still go for a pretty good price, I think the market is going to start adjusting a bit shortly. People have been harping on it for long enough to lead me to believe that people will start getting the hint and adjusting their training patterns so that in the next couple of seasons we will see a downward trend in guard prices. Ugh, run-on sentence, but you get the idea. SF prices should stay higher, as while more people are starting to try and train them, there still aren't very many, plus I think demand will rise for them as well (also, for well rounded big men, which is what I'm working on training now).

Anyway, speaking of big men, you remember Lorenzo Pedulli? When I was shopping for a big man last season, the name sounded familiar, and he was exactly the type of defense first guy I was looking for. Yeah, I don't like his handling/passing, but he's not meant to be a scorer, so it doesn't matter quite as much.

As far as making money though....

Baseline Weekly Economy
Expenses Revenue
Player Salaries: $ 376 142 Attendance: $ 269 829
Staff Salaries: $ 61 141 Merchandise: $ 51 649
Scouting: $ 10 000 TV Contract: $ 135 255
Total: $ 447 283 Total: $ 456 733
Typical Weekly Net Income: $ 9 450

League Averages from Last Week
Expenses Revenue
Player Salaries: $ 418 861 Attendance: $ 271 108
Staff Salaries: $ 46 817 Merchandise: $ 52 303
Scouting: $ 7 500 TV Contract: $ 135 255
Total: $ 473 178 Total: $ 458 666
League Average Net Income: $ -14 512

I was about breaking even most of last season as well. Ken Wilson got a huge 5 week injury at the end of the season, which kind of tanked me a little bit, but I still managed to win some games somehow. I'll be looking to offload Pedulli sometime this season, which should net me a good bit, as well as up my profit, but I do worry about facing some of the 100k big men without him. My staff expenses are a little high too, at least for the levels I have (4 doctor, 5 trainer, 2 PR). I don't have very much cash at the moment, and I have a couple small roster moves before I settle down for the season, but once I get that squared away, I'll be able to cut at least 10k off of my staff. And since scouting now carries over, I'm spending 10k every week, and probably will forever, since I'll just save the points until I need them.

As far as how difficult it is, it really doesn't seem all that much harder. I mean, obviously it's yet another step up, but the step doesn't seem much bigger than from IV to III. If you're vastly superior talent wise to your D.III opponents when you promote, you should be able to stay up in D.II. I think the biggest difference is that everyone is a lot more equal at this level, there are fewer teams that are complete walkovers, and fewer teams that are auto losses, which throws a little more strategy into the mix, but somehow I manage to keep winning most of my games.

From: A-Dub

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Date: 11/10/2011 15:37:03
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Upsyndrome II
Awesome information, bro! Definitely an interesting post. It Helped me get a better understanding of the game, especially at a higher level of play, thanks.

As for training prospects for cash, I see where you are coming from. Training the SF position -- even PF's with great secondary' skills -- seems like a good profit now days, and I can only see purchases improving in the near future. I'll have to look into that idea, especially since I'm tanking games ATM.

In regards to Peduli: It's funny that you brought that up! I was going to address that subject in my last msg. I guess It slipped my mind, haha. After taking a look at your roster a few day's ago, he really popped out; more so than Ken Wilson! I couldn't forget a face like that. Haha. Brings back so many good memories of our short stint together in D-IV. He was such a dominate force back in the day, making around 90K or so. I remember my center, (vincent Tschada), going head to head with him, along with other big names. It's a shame his owner went bot. I Wonder what ever happened to him? I believe he played for "Trios Rios Kings," if I'm not mistaking. Good times, haha.

BTW: I just saw my old center on the transfer list. I sold him at 22y/o. He's 25yrs old now, hasn't been trained since but he's a great defensive center much like peduli. However, the downside is, he's making around 140K. I doubt you could afford to take in that much salary, but it would be nice to see him on a friend's team in the future, if not mine. He should only go for around 1m.

Here's his skill's:

Pass-mediocre or average (I forget)
driving-average, mediocre (again, I forget)
Handling-inept, maybe awful

His secondaries suck, but he's a good defensive center. He played for Germany's U21 team a few years back. I might look into purchasing him when my team is relevant again.

Thanks, again. I look forward to hearing from you more often.

"You will lose." -Ivan Drago
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Date: 03/27/2013 11:53:33
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You are so correct

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Date: 10/14/2014 21:42:48
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Indeed, you are right.

From: BarcaSwag

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Date: 10/17/2014 23:33:29
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hi Mr Strategy's league.

I'm helping this guy, so watch out.

From: Kevin

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Date: 10/31/2014 22:46:21
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