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From: Myles
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Date: 02/05/2019 18:36:12
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Hello fellow Canadians, I believe my plan of action should be explained below

Scouting: Tuesday - Wednesday
Messaging Managers - Thursday
Final Team: Saturday
Discord Setup: Sunday
First Game: Monday

All managers who have any questions about how I will be running the team may ask below or in my BB-Mail. There will be more information when the starting roster is revealed.

If any managers would like to help out with the team or make suggestions, this folder, BB-Mail, and the discord will all be available for communication.

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From: Myles

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Date: 02/09/2019 05:20:49
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Tonight, the starting lineup will be revealed, along with further information on trainee progress.

I'd just like to take the time to thank all of you for allowing me to become the NT Coach, along with not running to let this occur. I am truly grateful for the position that I have received and will put in all of my effort to try to make this team as successful as possible. I will be speaking to as many managers as possible over the next few days, to confirm the path of the team. The scouting process for all trainees above the age of 20 is complete, and the final cuts of the NT are currently being made.

My plans are set for the future, getting as many young players trained to their full capacity starting at 18/19. The u21 is obviously an important thing for Canada, and the trainees during their young years will be following those priorities, yet, guiding as many players from a young age to prosperity will be an important factor in our country's success.

Thank you once again.

From: Myles

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Date: 02/10/2019 01:37:40
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The depth chart below will display the rankings of every player at their appropriate position. Some positions, such as SG, were extremely tight, and will probably conclude in various other player's making the team down the line. Managers who have players in the 4/5/6 spots should not feel discouraged, as their players may still have a shot to make the squad in the latter half of the season.

Season 45 - Depth Chart

Bold denotes an Opening Day Player

Point Guards
1. Gavin McNamara
2. Benjamin Trujillo
3. Yuliy Koszakov*
4. Guo Zhongkai
5. Ian Loughran
6. Teodoro Almada
7. Kerry Fournier

Shooting Guards
1. Derek MacNuir**
2. Izyaslav Pavliuk
3. Nigel Guèvremont

4. Euan Torry***
5. Andrea Inclimona
6. Paul Falconer
7. Mario Federico D'Aquino

Small Forwards
1. August Rudolph
2. James Keiller
3. Mika Girouard

4. Jason Colesby
5. David Spirau
6. Basil Ritchie

Power Forwards
1. Benito Martín Ávila****
2. Yin Beiguo
3. Yiorgos Vlachos

4. Colin Grimes
5. Arthur Prater
6. Pierre Cyr
7. Barthelemi Allard

1. Stephen Hall
2. Christopher Beauchamp
3. Gary Ryan

4. Robbie Robinson
5. Andrew Gaunson
6. Len Do
7. Hu Nanan

*Not on the team due to managerial game shape issues. The manager has continuously run his GS into the dirt, and once again, he cannot be trusted with a player on the National Team. If he can save Koszakov's GS, he will certainly be on the team by the middle of the season.

** Mr. MacNuir had gotten a concussion in week one and, will be out for 3 weeks. After his game shape is fixed, he will return to the team to be the number 1 shooting guard.

*** Missed the team by an extremely small margin. I had to split hairs to make a decision between SG's 2,3,4,5. All 4 may have a chance to play this season if game shape calls for it.

**** Manager started the season off poorly, game shape wise. Hopefully, his manager will be able to right the ship and return our top PF to his glorious self

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From: Myles

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Date: 02/10/2019 14:05:44
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NT Experience Rankings

Hall - 58 Games
Pavliuk - 43 Games
Guèvremont - 27 Games
Beiguo - 26 Games
Rudolph, Beauchamp - 19 Games
Girouard - 18 Games
McNamara - 14 Games
Vlachos - 6 Games
Keiller - 4 Games
Zhongkai, Ryan - 3 Games
Trujillo - 0 Games

From: Myles

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Date: 02/11/2019 21:49:38
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11/02/2019 - Bolivia
18/02/2019 - Dominican Republic
25/02/2019 - Jamaica
11/03/2019 - Colombia
18/03/2019 - Argentina
25/03/2019 - Costa Rica

Game 1 vs. Bolivia

Canada (40) vs. Bolivia (88)

Final Score

114 Canada - 83 Bolivia

Recap of Match

Bolivia had no chance from the get-go. They came in with knowledge of their loss and had matched our TIE due to the nature of their impending failure. Our team had won in every single category, and higher PP100 in 4/5 positions. This was an all-around victory and a good start to a new season. The players had outrebounded their opponent by 20 and made 4 more three-pointers. There were few flaws in the team's first game.

MVP of the Match

Stephen Hall 18 Points 10 Rebounds 3 Assists 17 Rating

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From: Myles

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Date: 02/11/2019 22:16:47
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The players below are ranked by age and TSP. All players on this list have at least Superstar potential, and if deemed improperly trained, such as players with 21 21 Handling/Drive, they will be removed from the list, as their TSP does not represent their talent.

Age 27

1. Tom Seliger

Age 26

1. Kerry Fournier
2. Ian Loughran
3. Turk Nadr
4. Daryl Anderson
5. Michael Doherty
6. Peter Garvey
7. Kerehi McDonough
8. Andrew Gaunson
9. Kevin Weissengruber
10. Kelly West

Age 25

1. Gary Ryan
2. Conor MacRitchie
3. Bruni Blois
4. Xia Xingqing

Age 24

1. Thodoris Mpaltasis
2. Mick Wilburn
3. Andrew Munn
4. Mathieu Coderre
5. Mike Sample
6. Grygoriy Levin
7. Olivier Paradis
8. Jules Ashton
9. Pavlo Bundash
10. Stewart Nisbet
11. Kevin Caffrey
12. Kajetan Hanula
13. Ennio Podda
14. Nikos Gkaravelas
15. Zheng Baojun
16. Brian Franklin
17. Angus Fraser
18. Madoda Matambanadzo

Age 23

1. Abel Paz
2. Yatuta Moonsamy
3. Mimis Mourikis
4. Martin Murphy
5. Gary Maggs
6. Tomas Ross
7. Calvin Davey
8. Hu Nanan
9. Alfred MacLintock
10. Will Camacho
11. Boryslav Krivcun
12. Joe Randle
13. Yves Racine
14. Johnothan Walshe

Age 22

1. Cillian O'Flanagan
2. Tukaiora Tallis
3. Elpidio Rechichi
4. Paramon Avdeenko
5. Stevie Mulligan
6. Rod Irizarry
7. Alaister Finlay
8. Paul Cornello
9. Jude Kay
10. Jérémie Bordeleau
11. Lakis Papadopoulos
12. Larry Petty
13. Eliott Naud

From: Myles

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Date: 02/24/2019 21:55:15
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Game 2 vs. Dominican Republic

Canada (39) vs. Dominican Republic (87)

Final Score

93 Canada - 71 DR

Recap of the Match

This was once again, an easy match up, as we faced off against a weak micronation, who plays their players 48 minutes at multiple positions. We were trying out a princeton to see how our big men would react to playing in a flow intensive offense. Our 25-8 assists to TO ratio can prove that our team may be able to use this offense down the line. With the MacNuir problem soon to be fixed, Paviliuk has once again come in clutch at SG, starting his last few games before he loses his starting job.

Game MVP

Izyaslav Paviliuk - 8/14, 20 Points, 5 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 2 Steals

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From: Myles

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Date: 03/11/2019 21:22:14
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Game 3 @ Jamaica

Canada (39) @ Jamaica (73)

Final Score

101 Canada - 84 Jamaica

Recap of the Match

The score of this match makes it seem much closer than it actually was. This is due to our starters leaving the game in the final quarter and Jamaica leaving their top players in the game. This game was our experimentation with Basic Offense. I knew this match would've been quite useful to utilize it, since they are an easy win, who will still remain somewhat in the match. The top players on the team had quite good game shape coming in, and were able to showcase their skills by out rebounding, scoring and defending the opponents.

Our inside dominance was shown off by Beauchamp & Hall, who scored 33 in their 59 minutes. The continuing battle between Guèvremont & Paviliuk for the interim SG position had resulted in a victory for Guèvremont as his well rounded nature has allowed him to score inside, resulting in a 23 point game.

Game MVP

N. Guèvremont - 23 Points, 26 Minutes, 4 Rebounds, 2 Assists, 19 Rating, 9/15 FG, 3/5 3Pt

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From: Myles

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Date: 03/11/2019 21:38:18
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Game 4 @ Colombia

Canada (39) @ Colombia (25)

Final Score

105 Canada - 94 Colombia

Recap of the Match

This game was the most competitive matchup that we have had, so far. The players in starting roles, were basically the only ones to reach the floor, as the game was too close for them to leave the game.

When observing our opponents team, it is quite visible that they have a great weakness in the guard positions, as their 5 highest DMI's were all Big Men. This caused me to start 3 guards, to attempt to target their flaws. Trujillo, Torry & Paviliuk were most suited for the job, as they had strong DMI's & Shooting Ability. Beauchamp's Injury caused me to replace him with Ryan, who has finally reached his top game shape.

In their first three matches of the season, they had played LI, and I had guessed that they would play Inside, Fast. Since if they played an outside offense, they would lose. The Inside had been correct, yet the slow was off.

Our team had been quite balanced, as our PP100 had been pretty close at all 5 positions. Yet, our opponent's guards had absolutely sucked, and Colombia, the ranking favourite, had taken the fall for it. Our team had pulled away in the fourth quarter after a close game, and we remain an undefeated team.

Game MVP

Stephen Hall - 20 Points, 14 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 19 Rating, +14 when on court

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From: Myles

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Date: 03/11/2019 21:44:34
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Team Additions

Euan Torry - His improved game shape, and great shooting abilities, lead him to become a SG on the team. He will be one of the team's 8 Guards this season, as a final spot will be determined down the line, as we review with Koszakov's new owner, once he sells.

Derek MacNuir - Recovering from his long term injury, MacNuir is in good hands, as Former NT Manager, Green Machines, will keep good care of our future starter. His game shape will soon return to 8/9, and he will become the top Canadian Guard, filling the seventh of eight Guard Positions.


Our big men, may be increased as communications with managers continue, and we, at least for the next few days, will not be adding a big man, to the team.

Spots will be left open for botified players, but with the issues of NT Scout, scouting of at risk players will be done manually, and slowly.