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Tell Me About The One That Got Away

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From: Raven
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Date: 02/21/2022 03:21:54
Toronto Frost
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When I first played BuzzerBeater I had trainees that came and went, and some of them had some decent success while others were a disgrace to the Subway sandwich shop that I drafted them out of. One player stands head and shoulders above the rest when I look back to those glory days, and his name was Paul Lebrun.


He may not seem special to you, but he was special to me. My quest for a solid Canadian prospect led me to him, but his beautiful singing voice and ability to cook an absolutely out of this world chili made me stay. He was nothing when we found each other, but I trained him into a very respectable 100k+ player which I maintain to this day went to his head. The kid was walking around with four watches on his wrist, and showing up to practice in a yacht every day. The facility wasn't even near a lake! He never lost his work ethic though, and was a fierce defender as well as a creative playmaker and opportunistic scorer. The kid used to drop 40 whenever a defense laid back, no lie. He had that killer instinct. I once watched him cross up an eleven year old and then dunk on their sister in a driveway because their grandpa was talking reckless from the porch and wouldn't get up out of the wheelchair to back it up. My boy Paul collected BODIES that day, son!

It makes me sad that I wasn't around to see what this red revolver turned into by the end of his career. I shed literal tears over it. But I'm happy that I was able to find him again, and that I can look back at the glory days.

To you, he's a retired point guard with some U21 experience and a bunch of all star games. To me, he's the guy that showed me the movie Big Fish and held me tenderly as I sobbed.


So... yeah...

Any of you have players that retired, or you sold off, but still keep track of because of sentimentality? Or am I the only weirdo here.

From: Shaneojak

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Date: 02/22/2022 19:21:54
Rivercity Dominion
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I dont have any players from BB of sentimental value from my past may teams. However, I have a player on my Hattrick team who is 80 years old in game. I found him in my Youth Academy in 2005. His name is Bern Hughes. He served as my head coach from a long period of time.