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Sunday, 26 April 2015
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By LA-Wendell Alexis in S54:
btw: it‘s rather funny that the first game I play in league II is the the same game as the last three games in league 3. My finals opponent whom I could only be
By LA-Wendell Alexis in S54:
I‘m too lazy to open up a new thread. First time in division 2 in Utopia for me. And surprisingly I know a couple of teams and have squared off with them. And h
By GM-BlackMouse in S54:
After a million of attempts I brought my Utopians at 2nd floor… and found so many good old friends (enemies) - Ricardiers, Polpi, as well as my recent “friend”
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Mauro Méndez Melgar
80 Points
John Biglands
42 Rebounds
Dinaid Barbir
23 Assists
Kevin Barber
15 Blocks