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Sunday, 18 January 2015
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By Chuckpersone in Season 34:
[u][b]Saison 55: Statistiken, Performances, etc.[/b] [i](von [link=])[/i][/u] [b]Beste Teamleistungen der Saison[/b] [u]Punkte
By SCCavsFan in Season 34:
Congrats to Fab United on the finals victory. Definitely outclassed my squad. I think we would be playing Sunday for the tiebreaker if not for a few mistakes on
By SCCavsFan in Season 34:
Wow, crazy good game and really nice outcome for the Chuckers in the semi-final matchup with Syngas. I slept on him all year not realizing he never plays full s
By John_Crusader in Season 34:
What an instant classic! Great Game KK. I was holding my breath there at the end. Great season!!!
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Luke Porter
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Lo Yang Cheng
39 Rebounds
Dou Younan
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Ma Fade
12 Blocks