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Date: 06/29/2010 05:57:12
ASD basket Supino
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Hello to every users of Indonesia.
I’m Jordan Comazzi from Italy and I ‘d like to be the National Team coach for next two seasons.

About me

As I said I'm from Italy one of the best country in BB. I play in this game since Season 3 so I’ve gained some experience in these seasons.For the 4th year in row in this season I play in II division.

I was also in the last 4 seasons the coach of South Africa national team.


Well I don't promise to you to win or Asia's competition or win World cup.
My first objective is to improve our results(in season 11 Indonesia has only 1 win in Asia's competition),
and maybe try to pass 1st round of Asia's competition

My plan

Well, I just looked quicly at the team and at the matches of last seasons and I saw that this National Team has very big problems with outside guys and particullary OD.
So if I become NT coach one of the first objectives is to have some improvements in this things.
So the only way to have a better team is train ,train and train the young Players ,but also the players that now are 23-24 's old a and also 22's old that last season were in U21 .
And try to have the better from each young of Indonesia ( and in this thing I work also with the coach of U21 Jericho).

Why Indonesia?

I decide to try to become Indonesia NT coach first of all because I' m looking for a country that have about 100-150 users so not a small number like South Africa and not a big number like Italy.
And also because the coach of U21 is doing a good job (as coach of U 21 but also in the help in the training for youngs).
So in my opinion there are possibility to do a good work in Indonesia and help to grow this NT

Why me?

Well first of all I've a great experience in this game:as I said I play since season 3 and I' m in II division in ITaly
I was coach for NT of south Africa and I Believe I've good results: 2 2nd place In Africa's competition and also I won 2 matches in World cup . I believe that are good results for a country with 14-15 users.
Also in this 4 seasons as coach of NT I learned how to manage the enthusiasm in the National Team and I believe that this thing is a very important thing.


Surely I need some users that work with me and I decide them If I 'll be coach

For me it's very interesting become Indonesia Nt coach and also a very exciting thing.

So if you believe in me and you believe that I should do a great ''work'' vote.....
JOrdan Comazzi

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Date: 06/30/2010 16:17:09
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Hello name is Chris i know very well this great game ,buzzerbeater, also i have big experience on this too.
If you want Indonesia to be in first places believe me and vote as indonesia-coach.I have worked also as scout and i searched for special players with special abilities.SO this is my job...........:-)

Vote me for coach and believe me you won't lose

More things for me you will see if you vote me

and also i have prepared a special event for the staff and the players....!


FOR more.. just vote me...:-)

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Date: 07/03/2010 21:59:07
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Hi Indonezia,

I'm also living in Turku America. Indonezia national team comes from the hand up and your contribution will try to make good places la. Together we will see what I selects you.

* Motto miz *

Indonezia that everything is best for ...

I am waiting your voit, quicly..

My name is Gencay, Turkish and Islamic man, waiting you...

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