The Forums

"That was my fault. I should have read it before it came out."

The Forums are a community message board, where you can talk to your fellow managers about anything from BuzzerBeater to your favorite movie.

The Forums are broken up into different folders. A national folder, a help folder, and a global discussion folder in your language are initially placed in your favorites. The first page of the forums shows a "sneak-peek" of recent messages in all of your favorite folders. When you click on a folder, you will be given the option to add or remove that folder so that your favorites contain all of the folders you want to regularly read.

The global folders are for all users who speak the language (i.e. BB Global (Español) is for Spanish speakers) while the folders denoted by the name of a country are for users who hail from that part of the world. There are also folders specific to discussion of each individual league. Finally, the Help link on your sidebar will also take you to a help forum where you can ask questions or help new players (we really appreciate how many BuzzerBeater players help each other, and it's a wonderful thing that our community does!)

OK, so now for the tough part. The conferences are moderated by our GMs and moderators. When posting in a public conference, you are expected to remain polite and refrain from either personal attacks or political discussions. Further, you are expected to keep your posts on-topic; there are Non-BB folders available for discussion that does not relate to BuzzerBeater, for example. Any messages deemed spam are also prohibited. In most forums, there are additional forum rules posted in a sticky thread. Posts not in the language(s) of the forum will also be removed so that everybody can read all discussions. If there is no folder available for the discussion you want to have in the language you want to have, please tell one of the GMs and we can create a new folder for you.

Users who do not behave properly in forums may be banned from the conferences for some period of time, banned permanently, fined, and/or in extreme circumstances, even banned from BuzzerBeater entirely. The forums are an important part of the community, and we are committed to keeping the forums friendly and welcoming to all of our users.

Forum Rules

Buzzerbeater is a game for all ages across the world. Managers should always consider that in their actions and at all times show respect towards other players in the community. Communication in all global forums is English-only, except when otherwise noted. National forums use their local language(s), or English. Additionally, excessive use of CAPITAL letters and "chatspeak" are typically not tolerated.

The following types of posts are not permitted in any forum and chat areas of Buzzerbeater:

- Spam (i.e. multiple posting of the same message).

- Racist or personal attacks; attacks on a specific nation or religion.

- Excessive use of swearing or profane language.

- Cheating accusations. Please use our Cheating Report system.

- Advertising goods or services you wish to buy/sell/trade in real life.

- Asking for help with illegal software (piracy) or CD-keys to such games/software.

- Promoting criminal activities or use of illegal goods or substances, i.e. drugs.

- Bumping (i.e. replying needlessly to a thread in order to promote yourself or the thread content).

- Discussing staff decisions (BBs/GMs/Mods). Please e-mail with your complaint.

- Begging for Supporter.

- Referral links.

- Links to pornographic content or content that is not suitable for children.

- Useless or irritating posts. This includes single syllable answers, trolling(*) and spamming.

In addition, the following is not permitted in public forum areas of Buzzerbeater:

- Player advertising in non-designated threads.

- Valuation requests.

- Scrimmage advertising.

- Private League advertising outside of the dedicated Private League Ad Thread.

- Political and religious discussions.

Those may be permitted in private federation forums by discretion of those forums' moderators.


While the rules have been translated by our wonderful language administrators, the only official versions of the BuzzerBeater Rules or Terms of Service are those written in American English.