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From: gimmone

To: Brij
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Date: 09/29/2021 08:59:14
Gladiators 2.0
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I mean personally I’m just happy I didn’t lose by 30 or smth ahahahah completely outmatched

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Date: 10/03/2021 15:01:36
Markham Nighthawks
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Greensborough Basketball Club
Congrats to Los Angeles Thunder on winning the Championship. You were right to call me out on snubbing you in the poll. Good luck in the Naismith.

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Date: 10/04/2021 16:44:26
Los Angelos Thunder
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thank you haha didn't know I would win it all then, but it was a fun season with the finals being a great learning experience for me as it revealed many flaws in my team that I will need to fix. I am sad though that I didn't get to play Scarboro Celtics again lol. Also hopefully I see some of you in nainsmith.